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Dare Nails

Bonding Base

Bonding Base

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 Elevate your nail game with the DARE Nails Bonding Base, a true game-changer in the world of professional nail care. This 15ml jar of brilliance is crafted with precision by a seasoned professional who values durability and strength above all else. Experience impeccable nails without compromise.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Powerhouse: The DARE Nails Bonding Base is more than just a base – it's a multi-purpose marvel. As a glue for your soft gel system, it holds your nail dreams together. As a builder gel, it creates a strong, flawless foundation.
  2. Uncompromising Quality: Expect nothing but the best from us. Our Bonding Base is thick, robust, and crafted to the highest standards. Weak nails, chips, and breaks become a distant memory as this base provides the durability and strength you've always wanted.
  3. Professional-Grade: Formulated by a seasoned professional, this base meets the highest industry standards. It's the go-to choice for nail technicians who demand top-tier performance.

Application Process:

  1. Nail Prep (Dehydration): Start by preparing your nails. Use a nail prep solution to dehydrate the nail surface, removing any oils or contaminants that could affect adhesion.
  2. Gel Primer Application: Apply a thin, even layer of the DARE Nails Gel Primer to your natural nails. Allow the primer to air dry, creating the ideal surface for maximum adhesion.
  3. Bonding Base Layer: Following the Gel Primer, apply the DARE Nails Bonding Base as a glue for your soft gel system and a builder gel for added strength and durability. Cure for 30 seconds under your DARE Nails LED lamp.
  4. Tip Application: For professional precision, securely adhere the tips onto the nail using the Bonding Base. Cure the tips under your DARE Nails Flash Cure Lamp.
  5. Blending: After tip application, file down the base of the tip at the cuticle to blend seamlessly with the natural nail.
  6. Sealing Layer: Apply another coat of Bonding Base to seal and reinforce the tip and the natural nail.
  7. Final Cure: Place your nails under a 48W UV-LED lamp and cure for a full 60 seconds to ensure optimal results.

Transform your nail routine with the DARE Nails Bonding Base. It's more than just a base; it's the foundation for your nail artistry dreams. Whether you're seeking durability, strength, or professional-grade results, this product has you covered.


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