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Dare to be a nail artist.

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The Dare Nails Soft Gel System includes all the essentials you need for nail perfection

  • Nail Prep: A dehydrator that prepares the nail surface for optimal product adhesion.
  • Gel Primer: A powerful primer for maximum adhesion.
  • Bonding Base: A flexible yet durable rubber base gel for added strength.
  • Gel Tips (500 pcs): A comprehensive collection of 500 tips in 12 sizes for precise fits on all nails.
  • Refill Bags: Eco-friendly and budget-friendly refill bags for each tip size.
  • Flash Cure Lamp: Your secret weapon for quick and efficient curing.

Top It Off in Style: Complete your nail enhancement with two exceptional top coats for added elegance and protection:

  • DARE Nails Velvet Matte Top Coat: Achieve a luxurious matte finish that's both soft to the touch and durable.
  • DARE Nails Crystal No Wipe Top Coat: Experience an enduring, glass-like shine that dazzles without the need for extra steps.

The artist behind it all

Nail art is for me a powerful medium for expression and creativity. I aspire to inspire other artists to discover their unique style and creative power through Dare.

Dare to be a nail artist.

-Danaë xx


Come follow my everyday journey!
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Designed for nail artists, by a nail artist.

Soft Gel System

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