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Dare to be a nail artist.

Design Bonding Base

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When you add two Pro Lamps to your order, the second pro lamp will automatically be 50% off!

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Test our Art Gels

For only 4.50$, you can test our high opacity professional art gel. All orders containing samples only will be shipped for free!:)

Professional Art Gel Bottles

The Dare Spring Chrome Palette

This exclusive chrome palette for perfect springtime chrome nail designs is available exclusively upon ordering the full Blossom With Dare Art Gel Collection!

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Designed for nail artists, by a nail artist.

No Wipe Top Coats

DARE Nails Top Coat Collection - Elevate Your Nail Art with Endless... 

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The artist behind it all

Nail art is for me a powerful medium for expression and creativity. I aspire to inspire other artists to discover their unique style and creative power through Dare.

Dare to be a nail artist.

-Danaë xx


Come follow my everyday journey!

The Dare Nails Soft Gel System includes all the essentials you need for nail perfection

  • Nail Prep: A dehydrator that prepares the nail surface for optimal product adhesion.
  • Gel Primer: A powerful primer for maximum adhesion.
  • Bonding Base: A flexible yet durable rubber base gel for added strength.
  • Gel Tips (500 pcs): A comprehensive collection of 500 tips in 12 sizes for precise fits on all nails.
  • Refill Bags: Eco-friendly and budget-friendly refill bags for each tip size.
  • Flash Cure Lamp: Your secret weapon for quick and efficient curing.

Top It Off in Style: Complete your nail enhancement with two exceptional top coats for added elegance and protection:

  • DARE Nails Velvet Matte Top Coat: Achieve a luxurious matte finish that's both soft to the touch and durable.
  • DARE Nails Crystal No Wipe Top Coat: Experience an enduring, glass-like shine that dazzles without the need for extra steps.

Meet Dare Nails

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