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Champagne Bottle

Champagne Bottle

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Professional Art Gel-Champagne Bottle (017)

Elevate your nail art to a glamorous celebration with "Champagne Bottle," a dazzling clear glitter gel infused with enchanting gold particles. This versatile and sparkling shade adds a touch of sophistication to any color it graces, mirroring the effervescent effulgence of a popped champagne bottle. As the golden glimmer catches the light, envision the festive bubbles rising in a toast to joyous moments. Perfect as a topcoat or worn alone, "Champagne Bottle" transforms your nails into a canvas of elegance, offering a touch of effervescence that complements and enhances any color beneath. Let your nails shine with the opulence of celebration, as "Champagne Bottle" becomes the ultimate accessory for your holiday-inspired manicure.

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