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Dare Nails

Dare To Sparkle Complete Collection

Dare To Sparkle Complete Collection

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Unveil the magic of the season with our "Dare To Sparkle" collection, a breathtaking ensemble of 10 enchanting colors designed to ignite your holiday spirit. Begin the celebration with "Ribbons" (011), a festive red with a touch of raspberry that mirrors the joy of unwrapping gifts adorned with vibrant red ribbons, followed by the spellbinding allure of "Candy Cane Dust" (012), a deep red infused with dazzling red glitter, capturing the essence of classic holiday sweets. Venture into the winter woods with "Hints of Pine" (013), a deep green reminiscent of lush pine needles and the joyous tradition of decorating the Christmas tree.

Indulge in the cozy warmth of "Cozy Cocoa" (014), a rich chocolate-brown gel that evokes the pleasure of sipping hot cocoa by the fire, then transition to the ethereal beauty of "First Snow" (015), a serene baby blue capturing the delight of making snow angels and catching snowflakes. Dive into the cosmic allure of "Night Sky" (016), a deep blue with undertones of electric blue, reflecting the excitement of a starlit night.

Add a touch of opulence with "Champagne Bottle" (017), a clear glitter with dazzling gold, transforming any color it graces into a celebration. Embrace the frost-kissed beauty of "Frost" (018), a delicately opaque glitter with light silver tones, creating an enchanting winter landscape. Illuminate your nails with the warm golden glow of "Candlelight" (020), capturing the essence of evening reads and contemplation in candlelight, and mirror the celestial beauty of a moonlit night with "Moonlight" (019), a captivating silver chrome that radiates the magic and tranquility of moonlit moments.

Each shade in the "Dare To Sparkle" collection is a unique expression of the holiday season, inviting you to transform your nails into a canvas of festive beauty and sophistication. Dare to sparkle and make your holiday manicure truly magical with this exquisite collection.

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