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The Pro Lamp

The Pro Lamp

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Elevate your nail art experience with the Pro Lamp, the ultimate 72W UV/LED nail lamp designed for professionals and nail art enthusiasts alike. Boasting advanced technology and superior design, this lamp ensures an efficient and even cure, enhancing your nail service quality.

Key Features:

  • High Power Efficiency: Equipped with a robust 72W capacity, our Pro Lamp significantly reduces curing time, making it perfect for both UV and LED gel nail polishes.

  • Versatile Timer Settings: Customize your curing needs with four different timer settings: 10 seconds for a quick flash cure, 30 and 60 seconds for standard curing, and a special 120 seconds low heat mode, ideal for sensitive nails or more intricate designs.

  • Smart Touch Controls: Enjoy effortless operation with its sleek touch controls that put convenience at your fingertips.

  • Delayed Time Indicator: Keep track of curing time with the built-in delayed time indicator, ensuring precision in every session.

  • Reflective Bottom: Achieve a flawless cure from every angle. The reflective bottom panel enhances light distribution, curing your gels evenly and efficiently.

  • Removable Base: Hygiene and maintenance are made easy with a detachable base, allowing for quick cleaning and the ability to cure pedicures with ease.

  • Acetone Proof Surface: No more worries about spills or drips. The lamp’s surface is resistant to acetone, ensuring it stays clean and functional no matter the mishaps.

  • AC Power Supply: Powered by a reliable AC cord, this lamp offers continuous operation without the hassle of batteries. It can be turned on and off when plugged in, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Whether you're a professional nail technician seeking to enhance your studio's capabilities, or a home user looking for salon-quality results, the Pro Lamp is your perfect choice. Experience the blend of technology and convenience that brings your nail art to life.

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